A big part of success in real estate, and in business in general, means
forming the right types of alliances.  Alliances increase strategic positioning
and are used as a method to increase strengths; helping those parties
involved reach their goals more efficiently and at a much quicker pace. At
Sailing Realty, Inc., in conjunction with our partner-family company YOUR
MANAGEMENT PROPERTY SOLUTION , we are committed to this philosophy.
In fact we built our name on it.
Sailing Realty, Corp.
“Ask Chichi and Carlos what your
options are in real estate business.
They'll give you the best advice in
town. They are the most reliable  
The  Rodriguez's
Carlos & Chichi
Make Investing & Owning Rental Property Easy

Carlos Rodriguez is a Certified Property Management Specialist.

  • Comprehensive tenant screening & qualification: one of the most powerful ways to reduce
    late rent.
  • Efficiency through property management software: Property management software is a
    cost saving tool for a rental investor owner.  It provides accurate, efficient tracking of rents
    collected, late rents, vacancies, maintenance costs, and more.  
  • Easy communication: Blackberry, phone, fax, e-mail, our team is always ready to assist you.
  • Experienced service personnel: Licensed and insured vendors always perform
    maintenance, repairs and other services.
  •  Detailed property inspections:  written comprehensive inspection reports including
    photos or video of your property during tenancies and after.
  • Free Consultation and training: we have arranged to provide you with advice about how to
    evaluate potential rental areas, how to invest in rental properties, how to prepare your
    property for rent and a detailed report called The Rent Maximizer.
  • Owner friendly management agreement: No restrictive clauses, no hidden fees for
    services, no difficult termination clauses.  Just an easy to read and understandable
    Management Agreement.

Carlos R. Rodriguez has the Professional Property Management Executive Seminar Designation

      Frequently ask questions:

  • What types of properties do we manage?: We primarily focus our services in the residential single
    family, duplex and mid size multi-family properties (a typical range of 4 to 80 units).  This does not
    exclude our services for providing management to select commercial properties.
  • What are the office hours of operation?: We are open for business from 9:00am to 5:00pm weekdays.  
    After hours and on weekends we always have an emergency contact on call and available.
  • How we handle emergencies?: A big part of good landlord-tenant relations is availability and a timely
    response.  Our company provides an on-call person 24 hours a day to handle emergencies.  We have
    a preferred list of service vendors who will respond promptly to all emergencies.
  • How do we perform our bookkeeping and reporting to property owners?: With our specially designed
    property management software we are promptly able to send you detailed property reports
    periodically. Such reports are : Detailed profit and loss statement and comparison, Fiscal year budget
    reports, Detailed rent roll reports, Security deposit reports, Late rent report, Unit available reports .
  • We will deposit an owner’s checks directly into the bank?: We will deposit your distribution check
    directly into your bank, either by mail or electronic deposit, and mail the monthly statement to you.
  • How much do we charge for management services?: We have several services available to fit the
    needs of any rental owner.  You can pick and choose which services you need us to handle for you.  
    Our fees are competitive in the market place; we charge a small percentage (10%) of the monthly rent
    as a management fee.  Our leasing program’s fee to find and place a qualified tenant is 50% of the
    monthly rent, if we listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Services) for Realtors to see, will be one month
    rent  and our lease renewal fee to renew a lease with the current tenant is as low as 20% of the
    monthly rent. There are a lot of property management companies that will advertise lower fees, but
    offer inferior services and often have hidden costs.  Keep in mind, “there are some who know the
    price of everything but the value of nothing”.
  • Do we charge extra for overseeing maintenance repairs? No! This is part of our standard service to
    you, the owner, and is included in our management fees. We do not accept rebates from vendors, nor
    do we charge fees to tenants to oversee maintenance repairs.  
                                            One More Thing That is Unique About:

Sometimes property owners will commit to obligations they later regret because they are unfamiliar with
evaluating Management Agreements or they have not taken sufficient time to review the document.  Our
practice has been to provide a copy of the Management Agreement to you for review before setting up a
consultation.  There are several ways our Agreement is unique and provides confidence and flexibility to you,
the owner.

Management fees apply only when rent is collected.

  • We do not charge management fees when your property is vacant.
  • We do not charge management fees on uncollected rent.
  • We do not charge owners or tenants administrative fees to oversee maintenance repairs.
  • Your success is important to us. Therefore, we only get paid when you get paid.

Easy termination policy.

We are about as easy and flexible as you will find anywhere.  There are three provisions:
  • If a tenant has not executed a Lease Agreement or a Move In Cost Sheet, you may terminate our
    Management Agreement, in writing, at any time and the only cost to you is any out of pocket expenses
    related to your property, such as an authorized marketing cost.
  • If the property has been leased, but we have managed the property less than six months, you may
    terminate our Management Agreement in writing, with sixty days notice, and the only cost is a nominal
    termination fee of $300 (and management fees incurred during the time we managed the leased
    property including the 60 day notice period for services provided.)
  • If the property has been leased and we have managed it for more than six months, you may terminate
    in writing within sixty days notice without penalty.  The only amount due would be the management
    fees for the time period our services were provided.

No management fees after termination.

Many Management Agreements stipulate that if you terminate the agreement and the tenant remains in the
property, you could owe fees to the former property manager as long as the tenant remains. Our Management
Agreement has no such clause.  We will assign the Lease to you, the owner, or another property manager at
no charge.  We will only accept payment for the time period that our services were rendered.