They are a  couple that immigrate to United States in 1990, from Caracas, Venezuela, since then they have
lived in Weston.  They  applied for a L-1 visa and then renewed  it twice;  after that they applied for
Residence and finally after 5 years of been resident, they became Citizens.
They are the proud parents of 3 beautiful girls Jessica, Erika & Valeria, whose even that they were born in
Venezuela  has spend all their lives in United States.   
Carlos has 2 years of Business Administration and have been self employed since 1980.
Chichi has 4 years of law School.
About Us
Chichi started in real estate  in November 1999, for our own real estate investment, and since then has
dedicated her valuable time helping clients to achieve their goal of buy, sell or rent their homes.
Carlos started real estate in July 2003, lending a hand to Chichi's clients to complete their goals.
As a self employee, he educated himself to become a  Broker and CEO of  Sailing Realty, Corp.
Carlos has completed  many real estate courses: -  Realtor Institute obtaining his GRI designation.
- TRC Certified,networking with - Certified Distressed Property Expert.
-Certified REOS Specialist - BPOR Broker Price Opinion Resource - Professional Property Management seminar
Professional Property Management Executive Seminar, go to Property Management to see the certificates.
Carlos Rodriguez has completed the GRI Designation     

Why Choose a REALTOR® With a GRI designation?

Buying property is a complex and stressful task. In fact, it's often the biggest single investment
you will make in your lifetime. At the same time, real estate transactions have become
increasingly complicated.

New technology, laws, procedures and the increasing sophistication of buyers and sellers
require real estate practitioners to perform at an ever-increasing level of professionalism.

So it's more important than ever that you work with an agent who has a keen understanding of
the real estate business. The GRI program has helped the best and the brightest in the industry
achieve that level of understanding.

GRIs are:

  • Professionally trained
  • Knowledgeable
  • Nationally recognized as top performers in the real estate industry

Dedicated to bring to you quality service
A GRI can make a difference
When you see the letters "GRI" after an agent's name, you can count on receiving the
knowledge and guidance you need to make your transaction go smoothly. In short, you can
count on getting the best service available from a real estate professional.

Carlos & Chichi
About Us
The actual market is violently colliding with the traditional real estate  market. The unprepared
agents will be caught off guard. When the agent completes this course, it  gives the agent the
knowledge, vocabulary, forms and procedures necessary to help homeowners  who are under
the most severe financial stress of their lives
Transnational Referral Certified means that he is part of the International Consortium of Real
Estate Associations (ICREA) alliance of national real estate organizations in the world's major
markets. TRC is the most prominent search option offered when web site visitors select "Find
a Professional"
The process of listing and selling a REO property is complicated, requires great details and
training to take on the specialized skills needed to complete the task. REO asset management
companies have different policies and procedures on managing their properties and nothing is
standard in the industry.
A REO property takes time and money to get back on the market. Whether or not it’s a long
runway or a swift sale depends entirely on the number of repairs, the maintenance required to
keep a property attractive to a buyer, and the company that performs the repairs.
Our specialists are licensed and certified, and our services are extensive, and can be easily
customized to accommodate client needs: Lawn Lockouts, Care / Yard Maintenance, Property
Cleaning (Interior / Exterior), Locksmith, Pool Cleaning,Re-key, Security and Board-up,
Automobile Removal, Junk/Debris/Trash Removal ,Window / Glass,Replacement, Roof Covers
and Repairs.
By seamlessly combining technology and experience, helps a property sell without hassle or
“I met Carlos while playing
golf.  Our conversation
establish a truly friendship
and prove to be of help
when I decided to invest in
real estate.  I am glad to
have follow his advice. You
can do that too."

—Humbert Filesari
“Carlos & Chichi  are the
best! They have helped us
buy and sell four homes —
We'd never hire anyone
The Bodu's
...Me alegro mucho!!!
...mandale nuestras
y lo mismo para ti tambien!

tu eres pieza muy importante
en todo esto. Tanto para
Roberto y yo, como para esa
familia; tu apoyo, sinceridad,
profesionalismo y
perseverancia, han sido la

....gracias a ti!

Dear Carlos and Chichi,

Thanks so very much for
being our realtor and for
all your help.
For being there for us at
all times.
We have had fun buying
the property from you
guys and enjoyed talking
about old times.
We look forward to
getting this place ready,
as soon as possible.

This has definitely been a
good experience so far,
thanks to you guys. I will
send you the information
tomorrow where we went
for all the changes for any
future tenants you deal

We are looking forward
and know that you will be
finding us some nice
tenants that will take care
of the townhouse and will
be reliable. We look
forward to try to
purchase another place,
hopefully, as soon as this
one is all finished.
Thanks again for all your
help, concern, love, and
great laughs.
PS:  Carinos, tu viejos

Gus (Goose) and Libby
Sailing Realty, Inc.